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Add a Figure from Markdown Code

Sequence diagrams can be added to Rowan Patents by importing Markdown code in .txt format. Learn more here.

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  1. In the Drawing Tool, select the From Markdown option from the Import control dropdown in the toolbar or under the Drawing menu.

  2. When prompted, select the text (.txt) file containing your script.

    ActorA->ActorB: Solid line without arrow
    ActorB-->ActorA: Dotted line without arrow
    ActorA->>ActorB: Solid line with arrowhead
    ActorB-->>ActorA: Dotted line with arrowhead
    ActorA->ActorC: cross
    %% this is a comment
    note right of ActorA: note

    The script Rowan Patents uses is based on Mermaid Markdown.

  3. A sequence diagram based on your .txt script will be created as a new figure.

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