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Remove/Apply Layout-Based Flowchart Numbering

Flowchart numbering based on connections between and relative locations of flowchart elements can be turned off to give you more control.

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool and navigate to your flowchart.

  2. Click the Turn off control above the drawing canvas


    Simply reorder that figure's parts in the Parts Panel.

  3. Your flowchart elements will now be numbered based on the numbering for their associated parts in the Parts Panel.

  4. To apply layout-based flowchart numbering, navigate to your desired flowchart and click the Turn on control above the drawing canvas.

  5. Confirm your change in the dialog presented.

  6. Your flowchart elements will be numbered based on:

    1. the direction of their connecting arrows and

    2. where they appear on the drawing canvas, with priority given to top-most elements.

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