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Request and Incorporate Feedback with Rowan Patents Reviewer

All anyone needs to review a Rowan .rp file is a browser and the internet. Here's how to get feedback using the Rowan Patents Reviewer.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Request and Incorporate Feedback

  • Feedback Request Email Sample

Request and Incorporate Feedback

  1. Save your .rp file once you've completed the work you want reviewed.

  2. Attach your .rp file to an email that includes your feedback request, the link to our reviewer instructions, and the link to the Rowan Patents Reviewer.

    Note that your reviewers can also use the Rowan Patents Reviewer on files you provide via Dropbox, network drives, or similar shared file storage, but you will want to provide them with the informational links found in the template below.

  3. Review the comments and suggestions in the .rp files returned by your reviewers

    Note that no file data is stored on, sent to, or retrieved from cloud storage when using the Rowan Patents Reviewer.

Feedback Request Email Sample


Please find attached my patent application, ready for your review. It is a Rowan drafting (.rp) file, which can be reviewed using the Rowan Reviewer.

Please save the attached file, then follow this link:

You’ll be prompted to enter your name and select the saved file.

When you finish your review, click “Send Feedback” to save a new .rp file containing your comments and changes, and return that new .rp file to me.

Instructions for using the Rowan Patents Reviewer are available from Rowan at:

Thank you,

<Your name>

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