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Apply Application Styles

Set Normal, Heading, or Code styles for selected lines or paragraphs of your application.

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  1. Select the desired line(s) or paragraph(s) of text in your specification.

  2. Choose the desired style option from the Specification > Format menu or the toolbar dropdown menu.

    Normal Text, Numbered Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Code style options are provided.

  3. The style you choose will be applied to your selected text.

    Numbered Paragraph style is applied to all non-heading text by default. Learn more about Heading styles here. Code style uses a monospaced typeface and is provided to represent computer code and pseudocode commands or modules.

  4. On export, these applied styles will be reflected in your Word document using Rowan Patents defaults or your applied style template.

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