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Modify a Stencil's Shape

If you need a particular shape and don't see it in our stencils, a number of our stencils can be modified as described here.

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  1. Select the stencil you wish to modify.

  2. Click the edit control that appears to the upper-left of the selected stencil.

  3. Controls will be displayed for editing vertices (red dots), curvature (blue dots), and sides (line segments) of the stencil.

  4. Click and drag a red dot to move a stencil vertex.

  5. Click and drag a blue dot to adjust the curvature around a vertex.

  6. Shift+Click a line segment to convert a straight line to a curve or vice versa.

  7. Click and drag a line segment to move that side of the stencil.

  8. Double-click on any line segment to add a new red dot (vertex).

  9. Double-click a red dot to remove that vertex.

  10. When you're finished, click anywhere else on the canvas to deactivate stencil editing.

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