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Rotate Stencils and Stencil Text

Change the orientation of your stencils on the canvas to suit your drawing needs.

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  1. Select the stencil(s) you wish to rotate.

  2. To freely rotate your selected stencil on the canvas, locate, click, and drag the Rotate control to the upper-left of your stencil.

  3. For more stencil rotation options, locate the Transform controls in the toolbar or the right-hand sidebar.

  4. To quickly rotate your stencil(s) clockwise or counterclockwise in right-angle increments, locate and click the Rotate 90° control arrows in the right-hand sidebar.

  5. To rotate your stencil(s) a specific number of degrees, type or use the up and down arrows to adjust the Rotate field.

  6. To rotate stencil text as the stencil rotates, click the text rotation control to the right of the other rotation controls.

  7. You will receive a dismissable message to confirm that you want to turn this attribute on. Click Enable Text Rotation to proceed.

    Click the checkbox provided to turn off this confirmation message.

  8. When you rotate the stencil, the text will also rotate as long as this attribute is turned on.

    Clicking the text rotation control again will cause the text to return to 0° rotation.

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