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Import PDF Drawings

Upload and use existing PDF files to populate your figure sheets in the Drawing Tool.

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool.

  2. Select the From File (.pdf or .vsdx) option under the Import dropdown control in the toolbar or under the Drawing menu.

  3. Drag and drop or browse for your desired PDF in the dialog provided.

  4. Select the pages you wish to import from the dialog provided by clicking Select All, Deselect All, and the individual page thumbnails as needed.

    We will attempt to detect all pages containing figures and drawings rather than numerous text paragraphs, and our results will be selected by default.

  5. Click the Import selected pages button.

  6. Each selected page of your PDF will be populated as a background image on a new figure sheet.

  7. Crop out or cover any elements you do not wish to be shown, as needed. Group elements and lock elements to the canvas as needed.

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