There are two ways of creating multiple tickets to show in a single event listing.


 1.     In the event editor, go to the Tickets section and click “Add Ticket.”

2.     Enter the start date / time and end date / time for the ticket, the quantity available, and the price. Give it an optional ticket name in the Description field if you wish. If you have multiple seatings in a day, each seating should be created as a separate ticket.

3.     If you are hosting an event for multiple days with the same ticket options, you can check the Copy Ticket Type box when adding a ticket. You will then enter the number of copies of the ticket plus the number of days between each copy. For example, 1 day between would create a copy everyday vs 2 days between would create a copy every other day.

Note: If you have a maximum number of seats (e.g. 50) and want to allow guests to select say a menu type (e.g. vegetarian vs full experience) without exceeding the total number of seats, use the second ticket type option below.


The second way to create ticket types is by selecting Use Ticket Types in the Settings step of the event editor. 

NOTE: You should opt for this only if you have multiple ticket types but a set total number of seats and wish to make this available for all seatings you have. For all other scenarios, use the above option to create tickets.

 1.     Select Use Ticket Types and slick Save & Next. An additional step will appear below in the editor called Ticket Types.

2.     Expand the new section and click Add Ticket Type. A dialogue box will appear where you can enter the Name, Price, and Description. The description field is for your internal use and will not show during the booking process. Remember to select the "Visible during booking" option to ensure guests see the ticket type.

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