Create different ticket types

Set-up different offerings within one event

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Follow the steps to create availability for your event. Whether you have one ticket type or you are looking to sell combined ones, such as package deals (e.g. dinner & drinks)
If you wish to sell extras individually, have a look at adding extras.


 1.     In the event editor, go to the Tickets section and click “Add Ticket.”

2.     Enter the start date / time and end date / time for the ticket, the quantity available, and the price. Give it an optional ticket name in the Description field if you wish. If you have multiple seatings in a day, each seating should be created as a separate ticket.

3.     If you are hosting an event for multiple days with the same ticket options, you can check the Copy Ticket Type box when adding a ticket. You will then enter the number of copies of the ticket plus the number of days between each copy. For example, 1 day between would create a copy everyday vs 2 days between would create a copy every other day.

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