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Close my restaurant for a full or part of a day
Close my restaurant for a full or part of a day

Block availability for specific periods due to extraordinary closures or private events

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Whether you need to close the restaurant once a year or frequently, you can do it easily from the RSVP admin. Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Login into the RSVP admin ( and select the correct restaurant from the My Restaurants tab in the admin. If you are currently on your guest profile, hover over your email in the upper righthand corner and select Use as Organizer instead.

  2. Click on the Seating Rules tab, where you will see Recurring and Exceptions.

3. Click Add Rule

4. A dialogue box will appear. Click Closed Rule, which will show a more limited set of options than Custom Rule.

5. Give the rule a name and select the date/s and time range when you want the restaurant closed. If you are only closing a part of a day, enter the start and end time as desired and click Save. Your guests will still be able to book for the hours you do not close out.

6. The dialogue box will close and you will be brought back to the Seating Rules overview. Click on Exceptions to ensure the rule saved properly. Find it, click on the Action dots, and select Enable Rule. You can always click the rule to expand it and view all the details.

Note: We always recommend that you check that the rule has been added correctly by visiting the booking page and viewing as a guest would. You can always go back in to change or delete the exception at any time.

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