Stay in contact with your guests
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There are a few ways for you and your guests to stay in contact regarding the event.

  1. The email you used to sign up as an Organizer will be shown as the contact email when guests make a booking. If you want to use a different email, fill in “Alternative Contact Email” in the Settings section of the event editor.

  2. Guests can also reach out to you via our messaging tool, and you will be able to respond in the admin thereafter. We send out an automated email to notify you of any new messages received.

  3. You have the option of sending a message to a specific guest, a group of guests, or all guests if you go to the Messages tab of an event in the admin. 

To create a message, click the "Send Message" button in the upper righthand corner.
Note: There is a limit of 2,000 characters per message.

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