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My event is by invitation only. How can I restrict bookings?
My event is by invitation only. How can I restrict bookings?

Set up a private event that only select guests can access

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You have two ways to restrict access to your event - via an Access Code or via pre-authorized email addresses. To do so,

  1. Visit the event editor in the admin

  2. Expand the Settings section

  3. Check “Event is private." 

  4. Click Save & Next. A new section called “Private Event” opens up below.

  5. Click "Add Invitation." A box will appear where you can enter an email address or access code. Only enter one or the other at a time, not both, then click "Save."

Continue creating a new invitation for each email address to which you want to grant permission. If you have a large list of emails to add, you can send them to us as an Excel or CSV file to help you upload them at once.

The Access Codes are single use, so if you anticipate 20 bookings, for example, create 20 Access Codes. They can all be the same or different.

Share the booking link along with the Access Code or instructions for guests to enter the email to which they were invited. The system will request that they enter one or the other at the time of booking.

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