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How do I adjust the amount of tickets for each seating?
How do I adjust the amount of tickets for each seating?

Change the total number of seats available for your event before or while sales are running

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When setting up your event, you confirmed a total amount of seats for each time / seating. There are times when you will need to make changes to that as you go, which you can do easily on RSVP. 

Once you have gone live and bookings started, you can always adjust the total amount of tickets available to book for each seating, depending on demand. 

Before making an adjustment, always double check the tickets that have been booked already to make sure that you are adding or reducing the amount correctly. 

Let's take the following example: 

You can see that November 4th is already fully booked and you want to open up an additional 10 seats for that seating. 

 1.     Go back to the Event Details tab and click the Edit Event button in the upper righthand corner

2.     Scroll down to the Tickets step once you are in the editor

3.     Expand the Tickets step and select the relevant seating that you want to adjust. The pen on the right hand side will allow you to edit the seating by opening a dialogue box. 

4.     Change the "Number available" field to 65 if you were to add 10 more seats. If you want to decrease the total amount, simply adjust the numbers down to limit bookings for the seating. 

5.     Click Save

6.     Go back to the Bookings tab and check if the changes have been made correctly. 

Now guests will be able to book that seating again.

Note: To close a seating, change the availability so the number of "Booked Tickets" match that of the "Total Tickets." Total Tickets reflects what you entered in the "Number available" field when editing.

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