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Getting an overview of ticket sales and payouts
Getting an overview of ticket sales and payouts
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In the “Event Details” tab of the event's admin, you will see a quick overview of the Total Sales from using RSVP as well as the total number of seats you have for the event, and how many of those are booked.

If you want to see what has been transferred to you, go to the “Payouts” tab of the event. Usually, there is a single payout that will appear within 48 business hours of the event taking place. In some cases, you will see more than one payout. There will be a reference number (e.g. "S15") that you can cross reference with the bank transfer.

Any pending payments will show as the first row in the summary.

The corresponding payments to that transfer can be found by expanding the summary. It will show the complete overview of the person booking the ticket(s), the amount, and the transaction ID. 

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