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Check guests in at an event using the RSVP check-in tool
Check guests in at an event using the RSVP check-in tool

Get rid of your paper printouts to keep your guest lists straight

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Use the RSVP check-in tool to keep track of how many of your guests have arrived. It will also help give your kitchen team proper notice to begin prepping for food service.

 1. Log onto RSVP and go to the event admin

2. Click "Popup FOH" from the navigation menu at the top. A list will appear of the events you can check in. 

3. Select the event you want, or "Check-in by Date" for the corresponding guestlist to appear.

4. If you selected a specific event rather than date, expand the date / time you wish to check-in. The list of guests, their contact details, booking details, and their check-in status will appear. A guest that has been checked in will show with a checkmark (see first highlight below) and a guest that is not checked in will show with a "Check In" option (see second highlight below).

Note: If you have a collaborator who has Check-In permissions for an event, they will immediately be brought to the view above when they log into Read more about Collaborator Access HERE.

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