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Grant additional people access to your restaurant/s
Grant additional people access to your restaurant/s

Keep an open flow of information among various team members with different permission levels

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To grant access, 

 1.     Log onto the admin, go to My Restaurants, and select the restaurant you want to grant access to.

2.     Click Edit Restaurant in the upper righthand corner

3.     Expand the Settings section, select Add Collaborators, and click Save & Next. A new section will appear below.

4. Scroll down to find the Collaborators section and click on it to expand the information. Here, you will see any existing collaborators. 

5.     Click Add Collaborator. A dialogue box will pop up where you can enter the collaborator's email address.

5.     Select the appropriate Permission Type and then click Save. 

6. Our system will send your new collaborator an email to accept the invitation. Once they have created a user account, they will be able to access the dashboard by visiting or by clicking Login > Organizer.

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