Customize emails to guests

Add a personal message to the automated confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails guests receive

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Ensure your guests receive the information you want them to receive in their confirmation, reminder, or cancellation emails. RSVP allows you to create multiple messages for each of these types of emails and link a different one to each of the rules created for your restaurant. 

For example, you can choose to send guests Confirmation 1 for Wednesday lunch as opposed to Confirmation 2 for Wednesday dinner while Confirmation 3 attaches to Thursday lunch and dinner. Imagine LEGO bricks that you can mix and match as you wish and update at any time. 

To do so,

 1.     Log into the RSVP admin, click on My Restaurants, and select the desired restaurant

2.     Click on the Communications tab. You will see any existing message templates listed there. To view an existing template, click on it to expand details. To edit, click on the pencil icon to the right.

3.     Click the Add Communication button in the upper righthand corner. A dialogue box will appear. 

4.     Give the template a name to easily recall the purpose of the message. 

The Long Description is the custom text that will go out to your guests as an email. 

The SMS Text only needs to be filled out if you want to send a custom SMS message to your guests (note: extra feature). Otherwise, RSVP will send our default message to either confirm or remind a guest of their booking details. What you write there is the entire text that will be sent, so remember to sign off on it.

CLICK HERE to add custom details on either the email or SMS like booking ID # or your address.

NOTE : The SMS feature is not automatically added due to additional charges per SMS. Please contact your account manager or if you want to activate the feature and make sure that guests receive messages to their phone when selecting SMS as the preferred communication method. Otherwise, email will always be the default.

5.     If you want to use your own banner image instead of the default RSVP image, select the Change Email Banner Image option and upload the desired image with the exact dimensions 1200px X 607px.

Note: be sure to check with a test booking to ensure it looks the way you want on the email.

CLICK HERE to see how to link these templates to a seating rule.

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