Think of the RSVP system as a box of LEGO bricks that you can mix and match. In this case, you can connect one of the templates you created in the Communications tab to a seating rule. This allows you to send different messages for different days, services, or even periods during a service.

 1.     Log into the RSVP admin and click on the Communications tab. Make sure that you have created the templates you want to use. If you haven't, create them first before proceeding to the next step. (Note: you can always edit them or add new ones as you go)

2.     Click on the Seating Rules tab. If you have the rules set up already, click on either Recurring or Exceptions to find it and click the pencil icon next to the one you want to attach an email template to.  

3.     A dialogue box will appear with the editable details of the rule. Scroll down to the Message Configuration section. Click Add. A new dialogue box will open.

4.     First, select the Message Purpose dropdown menu. A menu of message types will appear. Select the type of outbound message (to your guest) that you want linked to the rule. 

5.     Next, once you have chosen the desired message purpose, select the Message dropdown menu. All of the saved templates in the Communications tab will appear. Select the desired message.

6.     Finally, select the Language dropdown menu and choose the correct language of the message you have selected. By setting a language, the system will send the message with the preferred language of the guest so that you can provide as many guests as possible with communications in their native language.

7.     Click Save (and Save again if you are finished). If you have different language versions of each message, remember to attach each of them to each rule.

If you have a more detailed need than what is explained above, please contact our team at or via the chat button in the bottom righthand corner of your screen.

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