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What actions can I perform on a guest booking?
What actions can I perform on a guest booking?

Use the action menu options to manage a guest's booking

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You wondered what the three vertical dots mean next to a guest name in the bookings overview? 

This is where you will find several actions that you can perform on the unconfirmed / confirmed guest booking. If you click on the dots, the below menu of options appears:

Let us explain what each action means: 

Edit Booking Info: 

  • change the guest name 

  • change/add the guest phone number 

  • change/add the guest email 

  • change/add a booking comment 

Switch Seating: 

  • change a guest booking to another time or day (unavailable dates / times will be greyed out)

    Note: make sure to check "Send confirmation email" in order for the guest to be informed 

Cancel and Refund: 

  • cancel a complete or partial guest booking by choosing the relevant seats. The relevant amount per seat will be refunded automatically. 

  • cancel and / or perform a partial refund on a guest booking. In case of a partial refund, make sure to select 0 seats and add a custom amount (see below)  

Note: make sure the check 'send confirmation email' in order for the guest to be informed 

Send (un)confirmed reminder: 

  • if a booking is confirmed you can use this function to re-send the guest confirmation email 

  • if a booking is unconfirmed you can easily follow up with sending an unconfirmed reminder to notify the guest and request payment 

Generate Invoice: 

  • if a guest requests an invoice for the booking, you can simply download a PDF version from the system.

    Note: the RSVP invoice is only a template and may not conform with country specific invoicing rules 

Send message: 

  • contact the guest with an individual message. The system will send them an email notice with the message text. The guest can view and respond to the message from their Guest Profile. You can also view all inbound and outbound messages for an event from the Messages tab of the admin.

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