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I want to send a customized confirmation email
I want to send a customized confirmation email
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If you wish to customize the text in the confirmation email that is being sent to the guest once the payment is confirmed, select in the event editor under 'Settings' the option 'Use Custom Email Confirmation Text' 

You have the ability to add custom text to the confirmation email guests receive for a more personal touch. To do so, 

 1.     Log into the RSVP admin (, click the My Events tab, and select the event you want to manage.

2.     Click on the Edit Event button in the upper righthand corner.

3.     Expand the Settings section and select "Use Custom Email Confirmation Text."

4.     Click Save & Next

5.     A new section opens up further down that will enable you to input your custom text. You can also format the text using the options in the toolbar.

6.     Click Save & Next

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