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Can I offer discount codes to guests?
Can I offer discount codes to guests?

Explanation on the usage of discount codes

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There will be occasions where you would like to offer different pricing options to staff, friends of the house, VIP's, etc. You can easily do that without creating multiple event listings.

RSVP allows you offer discount codes to guests by choosing the option in the "Settings" step of the event editor. (Note: be sure to select Save & Next after any changes)

An additional step will appear when scrolling down the page. You have the option to add several types of discount codes, if needed. In the pop-up window, you will have to add a unique discount code and choose the type. 

You have 3 types to choose from to add a discount code: 

  1. Specific price - add a custom price guests will have to pay when adding the given discount code

  2. Percentage discount - add a percentage discount (e.g. 50 for a 50% discount)

  3. Discount amount - add a specific amount that will be deducted from the final ticket price shown to the guest 

Once you have added the discount codes, you can provide them to relevant guests and they will have the option to add the code in the last booking step before making their payment. 

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