There are two methods to add multiple ticket types. 

To add each ticket option individually,

 1.     Click the Tickets step in the event editor

2.     Click the Add Ticket button. A dialogue box will appear.

3.     Enter the date and start / end times for that ticket option. (Note: this is also where you would create multiple seatings for guests to choose from.)

4.     Click Save

If you have a large number of ticket options, you also have the option to select the “Copy Ticket Type" option, where you can add the number of days first and the corresponding number of days between the tickets. 

For example, for a 4-day event you choose “4” in the field, “Copies” and “1” in the field “Days Between Copies.” 

Note: when you select this option, remember to edit any differences in the start / end times as well as number of tickets available.

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