Are you NEW to RSVP or just haven't had the chance to fill in your organizer profile? 

Let's get this step checked off in order for you to take full advantage of the platform and smoothen the admin work. 

 1.     Choose Profile Settings in the main dashboard when logged in to your admin account.

Note: Under your organizer login, you are able to add several organizations and/or if you have access to other organizations, you will see them listed here. 

2.     By clicking on your organization name, you will see several sections
         expand. Most important here will be the: 

  • Organization Info - to set default information for your organization 

  • Bank Accounts - to enable immediate payouts of ticket sales after your event 

Organization Info: Make sure to add all required information in the given fields in order for the profile to save correctly. The more information you provide, the easier and quicker your event set-up will be as default information will automatically show. Please also ensure that you enter all the Account Holder sub-section details correctly. This is the information we will use when issuing invoices to you for fees or monthly subscriptions.

Bank Accounts: Please add your bank account in order for an immediate payout of your ticket sales once the event is finished. In case there are several bank accounts linked to your account, make sure to add a "Descriptor" and inform the RSVP support team prior your event as to which account the sales should be paid out to. 

3.     User Access: (is optional) If you want to add any team members to the account, you can add several users to your organization to help you set-up and manage events. 

Please check out this article to find out how to add your team members/collaborators. 

All done! Welcome again and we hope you enjoy using the platform. 

Any questions or feedback, please let us know 

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