Set my event as Sold Out

Steps to take if you want your event to show as sold out

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Have the total available number of tickets been booked? Here's how you can make sure that your event is shows as "Sold Out." 

 1.     Stay on the My Event tab once logged in to the admin 

2.     Select the 3 vertical dots on the right side of your event and a drop down menu will appear 

3.     Select the last action, "Set as Sold Out." The status tag over the image will change to red and read "Sold Out." All set - guests won't be able to book anymore.  

You can also mark your event as Sold Out even if you have tickets still available. Doing so will prevent potential guests from making further bookings. This does not prevent you, however, from creating a booking manually for a guest. (See how in this help article

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