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Whether you are full all the time or are exceptionally busy on specific days of the week, activating the waitlist feature is a good idea to capture your guest's information and to allow them an option to be considered if space does become available.

How to activate the feature depends on whether you are using the RSVP Booking URL only or if you have the booking widget integrated to your website.

In both cases, you have to first activate the feature under settings.

1. RSVP restaurant dashboard

2. Select your restaurant and 'Edit Restaurant'

3. Go to Settings and make sure the checkbox 'Enable Waitlist' is checked.

4. Done!

You're good to go if you're using the RSVP Booking URL.

If you're using the widget integration, you'll find some more details below.

First, CLICK HERE to access the code that needs to be added to the booking widget in order for the feature to be activated.

Once added, during the booking process, guests will be able to add

  • a name

  • an email

  • number of people

  • a preferred date and time they want to come

  • decide if they're flexible or not

  • any comments

Of course the looks will be different if you're using the integrated widget to your website.

All waitlist signups for a specific date will show as a Report in the FOH. 

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