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Code to add credit card capture / payments feature to the widget
Code to add credit card capture / payments feature to the widget
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Use the code below if your restaurant requires either a credit card details capture or a prepayment in order for the guest to complete their booking. It should be added to the other code for the widget. You can test this out in the Integrations tab of the restaurant in the admin or on a test page of your website before adding it to the live site.

Note: this feature will only be activated if you have,

  1. Set up a Stripe Connect account and RSVP has confirmed your Stripe Connect account has been linked to the restaurant account on our system (CLICK HERE for instructions), and

  2. The correct information filled out in the Seating Rules (CLICK HERE for instructions)

Placement of the code does not matter as long as it is on the same level as the other <rsvp-step> tags.

All the text can be changed to reflect your restaurant's desired phrasing, or to differentiate between capturing credit card details and prepayment.

<rsvp-step step-name="StripePaymentApiPay">
                <h2>Deposit Details</h2>
                <p>We require card details to secure the booking. In the event of a no-show without due cancellation we will charge
                  <rsvp-span name="Booking.Price.Value"></rsvp-span> to the card provided.

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