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Manually create a booking for a guest who contacts you directly from the FOH

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There are 2 ways to create a manual booking for a guest. You can choose to either allocate them to a table at the time of creation or to leave their booking unassigned for the time being and assign at a later time.

 1.     Select the correct date from the date selector in the upper lefthand corner. Click on the date to expand the calendar view for faster navigation. The date that you are already on is highlighted with a circle. The dates your restaurant is closed are greyed out. Click on date bar to close the calendar.

2.     Click on the desired seating time from the time slider on the top. (Note: you can also select or change the date and time after as well from Create / Edit Booking view)

3.     Click on the table you wish to assign the booking to then select Add Booking if you want to immediately assign a table.


Click the green + button in the bottom righthand corner to leave the booking unassigned for now.

4.     Begin by searching for the guest's name in the search bar. If the guest has visited your restaurant previously, their name will show in the list below. If no results show, click the + button to Add Guest.

If you are seating a walk-in, click the Walk In button, which turns green. Nothing more needs to be done.

5.     Enter the guest's name. Ideally, get both their email and phone number to ensure seamless communication. Add any tags (e.g. vegan, VIP, lactose, etc.) and notes that should follow a guest for all future bookings. Click Add Guest. (Note: you can always edit their profile from your Guestbook in the future, so if you are in a hurry, no need to worry.)

6.     Select number of guests, any booking notes, and click Book. The button turns green when you are able to create the booking.

Ensure the Send Confirmation is turned on if you want the guest to receive notification of the booking or changed booking.)

7.     The guest will now appear in the Upcoming tab.

Note: whether you chose to create an assigned or unassigned booking, you can always change your mind by selecting or deselecting the desired option in the Table section.

To create a booking with prepayment, click HERE.

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