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Edit an existing booking

Change booking details to add / remove info like phone number, email, notes, tags, date / time, or table assignment

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Once a booking has been created, whether by your team or the guest, you have the ability to modify the information related to that booking. If you want to add or change a guest's profile information, see how to do so at

 1.     Select the booking you wish to change by clicking either on the table assigned to the guest then their name, or on their name in the bookings panel on the right. As you might be changing a booking that has already been seated, be sure to click on the correct tab (i.e. Upcoming, Seating, All) to find the booking.

2.     The bookings details will appear in the right panel. Click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner then select Edit Booking.

3.     The booking window will appear. Edit / Add Tags and Guest Notes as needed. Click or tap outside the fields to save the change.

To change the guest's name or contact details, do so in your Guestbook by clicking the hamburger menu in the main view then selecting Guest

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