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Viewing canceled bookings

See which guests' bookings have been cancelled, whether managed by themselves or by your team

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Both your guests and your team have the ability to manage the guest's booking from your respective areas of RSVP. Should the booking be cancelled, you can easily see the status and keep track from the FOH. 

There are two areas where this is possible.

From the Bookings Panel

This will allow you to view all cancelled bookings for the specific date in question. 

 1.     Open the FOH and select the date you wish. Use the arrows for days immediately before or after the one displayed, or click on the date to expand the calendar. The FOH shows today's date by default.

2.     Click on the All tab of the bookings panel on the right. This will open the full list of bookings for the day. Any cancelled bookings will show under the section Cancelled and marked with a Cancelled status in red.

If you click into the booking details, the cancelled status will show there as well.

From the Recent Booking Report

This will show you the most recent bookings that have been made for your restaurant and their corresponding status.

 1.     Open the FOH and click on the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner.

2.     Select the Reports option

3.     Click on the Recent Booking option in the left panel. The most recent bookings will show, from most recent beginning at the top. Any cancelled bookings will show with a Cancelled status in red.

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