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Mark a guest as a no show (and charge a penalty fee)
Mark a guest as a no show (and charge a penalty fee)

Keep track of no shows so you know who has a habit of missing their booking

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Mark a guest as a no show

 1.     Find their booking in the FOH under the Upcoming or All tabs. Click on their booking to view the booking details.

2.     Click the three dots in the upper righthand corner.

3.     Select Cancel Booking from the options that appear. 

4.     In the event that you have not requested the guest's credit card details to guarantee the booking, simply select No Show and then Save to mark the reservation as missed.

Remember to also check the Send Cancellation Email box if you want the customer to receive an email notifying that the booking has been canceled. Finally, click on Save to confirm your choice.

Charge a no show penalty fee

If you required a guest to leave their credit card details to complete the booking, you can choose to charge the guest a no show fee. To do so,

1. Find the guest under the All tab, click on the booking, and select the Cancel Booking button as before. You will see additional options to charge the guest either the full penalty or an amount of your choosing by selecting Charge Custom Amount. If you select a custom amount, you will be prompted to enter the total amount you want to charge, not per guest.

2. You will be asked if you are sure you want to charge the fee. Select Yes if you are sure, otherwise cancel by selecting No. The booking will appear with a red No Show tag afterwards and immediately be moved to the All bookings tab.

3. If you charged the booking in error, you can refund the fees to the guest by clicking on the pink Refund button and confirming your choice.

A note at the bottom right will indicate that the refund has been made.

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