We have created a few different reports to help your front of house and kitchen teams have a smoother service. Pull these up on your device, download them, or print and pass them around for the pre-service briefing.

Pace Report

See how many guests you have arriving at each seating time. You will also see any tags or booking notes that correspond to any of the guests at that seating time. This report is not meant to show notes specific to a guest; view the Daily Booking Report for that.

The report is particularly helpful for the kitchen team. Download and print this to use for pre-service briefings.

Daily Booking Report

Use this report to get a detailed overview of the guests dining with you for the day. You will see all their contact details as well as the seating time, # pax, assigned table/s, booking notes, booking status, and any additional information collected at the time of booking.

The report is particularly helpful for the FOH team. Download and print this to use for pre-service briefings.

Recent Booking Report

Get a running overview of the most recent bookings that have been made for your restaurant, the most recent appearing at the top. It will show both bookings made online as well as any manual bookings your team have made from the FOH on behalf of a guest.

Waitlisted Booking

If you activated the waitlist feature for guests, you will be able to see the names here as well as in the All tab of your bookings for each day.


If there are any booking conflicts for your restaurant that our system finds when comparing against the rules, they will show here. That way, your team will find out as soon as our system is alerted.

This may be a double booking that was accidentally made on the same table, for example.

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