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Creating a booking for a guest with prepayment or credit card details capture
Creating a booking for a guest with prepayment or credit card details capture

How to make a booking from the restaurant's side if your policy requires credit card details or prepayment

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With the steps below, you can create a booking, take prepayment, and decide on a custom amount to charge the guest. The system will determine whether to take prepayment or only capture credit card details based upon how your rules are set up. 

Unsure if the rules are set up correctly? See how to check the corresponding section of the rules HERE.

 1.     Log into RSVP and access your restaurant's FOH.

2.     Begin a new booking by either clicking on a table and then selecting Add Booking or selecting the green + button in the bottom righthand corner. 

3.     Click the + Add Payment button

4.     A new dialogue box appears. Enter the amount that you want to either charge or check is available on the card when capturing details. This is total, not per guest. Then select from the dropdown menu for Expiry Time and select how much time the booking is valid for before the guest needs to have confirmed with their credit card. Click Save.

5.     The amount and expiry time will now show in the create booking view. If you need to change it, click Edit. If you wish to remove it completely, click Reset.

6.     Proceed with creating the rest of the booking and ensure you turn on the Send confirmation option so the guest receives the email with link to pay.

7.     Your guest will receive an email like the one below where they will need to complete the onscreen instructions.

8.     If you either forget to select Send confirmation or the guest has not acted on the first email, you can send them a reminder by finding their booking under the On Hold section of the All tab. Select the 3 dots in the upper righthand corner.

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