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Create a booking for your waitlisted guest
Create a booking for your waitlisted guest

Move a guest off the waitlist when a table becomes available

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The instructions below will only be applicable if you activated the waitlist option on the booking widget.

 1.     Go to the FOH and click on the All tab of the bookings panel. There, you will see a section called Waitlist with the number of waitlisted guests in parentheses.

2.     Click on Waitlist to expand it and select the name you want to create a booking for. The create booking modal will appear with the guest's email pre-filled in the Search field. If no existing guest is found, there will be no results. Click on the + button to create a new guest.

3.     The guest's information will automatically be pre-filled. Make any adjustments you need, add notes, and click Add Guest

4.     Once the guest is added, the Book button will now be active. Proceed to select the correct date, time, number of guests, and table assignment for the guest. If you require any credit card details or prepayment, click the Add Payment option (read more on that feature HERE). Turn on the Send confirmation option, and complete the booking.

5.     Once the booking has been created, it will either show in the Upcoming or On Hold sections of the bookings panel. If you do not require any further action from the guest to complete the booking (e.g. prepayment), it will show in Upcoming. If you need the guest to provide their credit card details, their booking will be showed as On Hold until they have completed the booking on their end.

Note: If you need to resend the email to your guest, you can do so by clicking into the guest's booking and then the three dots on the upper righthand corner. Three options will appear - Edit Booking, Cancel Booking, or Send reminder email. Select Send reminder email.

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