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3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Gift Vouchers with RSVP
3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Gift Vouchers with RSVP

Quick explanation on how to get set up with the RSVP gift voucher tool

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Quickly set up in a few easy steps (5 min).

RSVP Account Creation

  • Create an Organizer account at If you already have an Organizer account with us, skip this step and log in.If you previously booked a ticket as a Guest, you have an account already. If you forgot your password, reset it at and try again. 

  • Once you are logged in, you will see the admin. Click on the Profile Settings tab and then on the Bank Accounts step.

Connect Bank Account

  • Click on the Connect with Stripe button and fill out the requested bank info.Stripe is a 3rd party payments processor that allows us to send money to you immediately. You need an account with them as well. If you already have a Stripe Connect account, you can give us access by logging into Stripe using that button.

Create Vouchers

  • Next, click the My Restaurants tab and then the green, circular "+" button in the upper righthand corner.

  • Fill out as much info as you can in the Restaurant Info step then click Save & Next.

  • Click My Restaurants in the upper lefthand corner and select the new listing you just created. 

  • Click on the Shop tab then on Add Shop Item. Add as many vouchers or physical items as you want.

  • When you are ready to start selling, the link will be<url-name-that-you-chose>/shop.The URL you chose can be found in the Restaurant Info step when you click Edit Restaurant.

If you want to add this as a widget to your website, view our guide HERE.

Note: this is available to ALL industry professionals, not just restaurants.

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