Use the code below only if your restaurant sells gift vouchers through RSVP as well and you want to allow guests to redeem their gift voucher while making a booking.

It should be added to the other code for the widget. You can test this out in the Integrations tab of the restaurant in the admin or on a test page of your website before adding it to the live site.

Note: this feature will only work if you have,

  1. Set up gift vouchers in the Shop section (CLICK HERE for instructions), and

  2. Are actively selling the vouchers. Guests who have vouchers from other systems will not be able to redeem them here. (CLICK HERE for instructions on selling through your website.)

Placement of the code should be entered within the Confirmation Step of the widget.

All the text can be changed to reflect your restaurant's desired phrasing, or to differentiate between capturing credit card details and prepayment.

<rsvp-input label="Do you have a voucher coupon? Enter here" name="VoucherCode"></rsvp-input>

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