Mark a gift voucher redeemed

Manage outstanding gift vouchers from the FOH without attaching it to a booking

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You can keep track of each of your restaurants' gift vouchers that have been sold as well as those that have already been redeemed.

Below are instructions to manually redeem a gift voucher without linking it to a booking.

1. In the Gift Vouchers section of the FOH, click the Redeem Voucher button in the upper righthand corner.

2. A dialogue box will appear with a field where you can enter the voucher code. Each gift voucher comes with a corresponding, unique code. Enter the code provided by the redeemer. The Validate and Redeem buttons will become active one you enter a value.

Click Validate if you want to check if the code is still valid.

Click Redeem if you want to immediately redeem the code. Note that you will not be able to redeem a code that has already been used even without validating first.

If your code is invalid, you will receive the error message below.

Once the voucher is successfully redeemed, it moves from the Not Redeemed section to Redeemed.

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