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Edit a booking's guest info without updating the guest profile
Edit a booking's guest info without updating the guest profile

Change the name and contact info if the booking was made on behalf of the diner by e.g. a concierge or friend

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It is common to have a third party make a booking on behalf of the guest who will be dining with you. This is especially true if you work with concierges or agencies. This feature allows the guest profile - say, the concierge's - to remain the same with aggregated stats while the specific booking's name and contact details are changed.

1. Select the booking you wish to change by clicking either on the table assigned to the guest then their name, or on their name in the bookings panel on the right. As you might be changing a booking that has already been seated, be sure to click on the correct tab (i.e. Upcoming, Seating, All) to find the booking.

2. The bookings details will appear in the right panel. Click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner then select Edit Guest Info.

3. A dialog box will appear where you can change the First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email for the guest. Then, click Save.

Note: Only check the Update Guest Profile box if you intend on changing the profile for all future bookings made by that account.


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