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Stop online bookings for future dates while continuing to manage on the FOH
Stop online bookings for future dates while continuing to manage on the FOH

Great for private events or other scenarios where you still need table management but where bookings aren't available to the public.

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There is a quick and easy way to close online bookings for a future date while still being able to manage the ones there or add new ones from your FOH.

1. Log into and click My Restaurants

2. Select the correct restaurant in your list and then click on the Service Times tab. Then, select the Add Override option.

3. A new view appears. Select the dropdown at the top after "This establishment will be" and select Private.

4. Enter an easily recognizable name for this override, the table layout that should be blocked, and the date/s you want to block online bookings.

If you want to limit bookings only for one service (e.g. lunch or dinner), choose the desired time range.

Note: in this case, remember to think of the end time for that service as the last arrival time of a table + the duration of the reservation (Default duration = how long the customer has that table available).

5. A brief summary of the details you just set will appear with a green tick next to it to indicate that the override has been saved correctly. Click on Service Times again to go back to your main Service Times view.

6. The new override you set will be displayed on the right side of the screen, under the Private section. To activate the time, click on the three dots on the right for the override you just created and select Enable.

7. You will be asked if you want to enable the rule. Click Enable.

8. The toggle should appear green if you successfully enabled the override. For customers who wish to book online, it will show as unavailable, while for your FOH staff it will still be possible to manage reservations.

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