RSVP's app is web-based, so you don't need to download anything from your app store. It's compatible with all mobile devices, so have access at your fingertips on the go. Any time there are updates with new features or fixes, you will be prompted to Refresh to access the new version; no need to check for updates anywhere.

From Safari

1. Open your FOH

2. Click on the Share icon in your browser

3. Select the Add to Home Screen option

4. Rename the icon title that will appear on your home screen, if you wish, then select Add when you are finished.

5. The RSVP icon will appear on your home screen and will open your FOH.

Note: Using this option allows your FOH to act like an app, as if you had downloaded it. So, you will need to open RSVP in a browser to access the admin to make any rules or table layout changes.

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