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Creating an Override in Service Times
Creating an Override in Service Times

What to do when you want to close your restaurant

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...for a private dinner event or holidays closures?

No need to touch your existing schedule and opening hours that you have set for your restaurants.

It's much easier to use an override, that basically - as the names says it - overrides your existing schedule.

The system will first ask you to choose between the following:

  • Open - the override is for a specific days you want to open your restaurant (e.g. soft launch)

  • Closed - for holiday closures

  • Pop-up - you want to connect to our RSVP pop-up side and sell tickets for a special event?

  • Private - close your restaurant for a private event or buy out

Use an override for...

a specific day, such as a soft launch:

This 'overriding' schedule will be set up as a normal schedule, simply with the difference that it's 'more important' to the system.

a holidays closure:

Only set the relevant date and time range for the closure and you're all set

a pop-up:

Make sure you have created a listing under 'My Events' in order to connect that override and make sure guests are aware of your upcoming event and can book right away. More info on how to connect 'pop-ups' with your restaurant, you can find here.

a private event:

Similar to a holiday closure, you will just need to define the date and time range to close your restaurant if you have a private event or buyout.


Once you added the relevant override, don't forget to enable it. The system will show the override crossed out if it's disabled and give you the option to enable it with the radio button

Make sure to double check, if it's correctly reflected to the guest through the booking link or on your website.

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