What is recorded?

On any paid plan:

Talks and Conference events are recorded through a third-party platform, Agora Cloud if you turn the Toggle to "ON". (Exceptions include pre-recorded video, Cocktail Party, which is never recorded, Round Tables, polls, and Groupfies. When you start the stream, make sure you select the checkbox to record your event. Happy Hour events are not recorded.

Run The World is now beta-testing a new way of recording that includes pre-recorded videos, youtube videos, and polls. Please email support@runtheworld.today to be added to be beta program list.

To turn the toggle to on, enter the session, Click the green Go Live button at the top of the screen, switch the toggle to the On position, and click Go live now to make sure your session is recorded.

We offer two resolutions for recording, 720p (default) and 360p (if there are any network issues).

When will my recording be ready?

Recordings usually can take up to 24 hours to process. If the recording isn't processed after 24 hours, reach out to support@runtheworld.today.

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