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You can update the payment method at any time in your account settings. If you own more than one Ryte account you can choose in "Accounts" which account you wish to update.

Go to 'You' (top right corner) > Accounts > Manage >Subscriptions.

There you can update the following payment details:

  • Account Information (e.g. Company Name)

  • Billing Addresses (If you forgot to add your VAT ID during the sign-up process you can enter it here as well.)

  • Payment Methods (change or add additional payment method)

  • Billing History (download invoices)

Only the account owner can update the payment method. If you are not the account owner and need to change the payment details, please contact the person who invited you to the Ryte account โ€“ that's the owner of the Ryte account.

To send invoices to additional email addresses, please contact us via support@ryte.com

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