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Account Overview

In the account settings, which can only be fully accessed by the account owner via Accounts under your icon in the top-right corner, you have an overview of the current package status and subscription details.

If you're the owner of multiple organizations, you can choose which organization you wish to manage. By clicking on the organization name in the top-left corner of the account settings navigation, a drop-down opens containing all organizations under your ownership. In the drop-down, just click on the organization you wish to manage.

1. Projects

You can find an overview of your current projects, when they were analyzed for the last time, and how man users in general have access to each project. In the project overview, you have a plethora of features at your disposal, which are as follows:

  1. A search field which displays the project(s) that fit the search term

  2. The possibility to adjust the URL budget for all your projects at once

  3. Creating a new project

  4. Accessing the respective project settings

  5. Starting an analysis for the project at hand

  6. Deleting said project

Furthermore, you can checkmark the boxes at the beginning of each row in order to invite a new or existing user to the checkmarked projects (you also have the option to checkmark all at once).

Lastly, you have the option to expand each project by clicking on the respective row. In the unfolded project row, you can see which users beside the account owner have project access. There, you can also manage their role as well as invite a user to that specific project. Learn here what specific rights each assignable user role holds.

Furthermore, it is now also possible to create a Google Analytics (GA4) link to Ryte in Projects. This article lists the exact steps necessary to connect a GA4 property to Ryte projects.

2. Users

Depending on your Ryte package, you have a specified amount of users available. In the Users tab, you can see how much users have access to your organization. Like in the Projects tab, you can search for specific users here, as well as checkmark users. Checkmarked users can be added to projects or removed from the organization en masse.

In Users, you can also click on each row to unfold an individual user to view each project they have access to, their role within that project and a dropdown to adjust their project role. Furthermore, in the unfolded view, you can add that specific users to more projects or remove their access to specific projects.

3. Subscription

Take a look at your current subscription plan.

Here you can view your invoice history, and manage your subscription, which includes the account cancellation, as well as payment methods, your billing address and account information.

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