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How can I manage access to multiple projects for existing users?
How can I manage access to multiple projects for existing users?

Here, account owners learn how to set project access for their invited users.

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Project access for existing users can be managed by the account owner in the Project Settings under the Users tab:

There, you can specify which user (who already has account access) has which type of access for the active project.

You can choose between no access, user, and project manager. By clicking on the respective dropdown in the Role column, the available options become visible.

In this example, the user Ryte Support has no access to the project By clicking on the dropdown, this user gets access to this one project in the role of project manager. The selection is automatically taken over and saved.

In our role management article, you can read which user role has which permissions for the active project.

The account owner can also remove existing users from the active Ryte account at any time via the account settings. You can find out how to do this here.

Please note: If you are the account owner of several Ryte accounts and the user to be deleted also has access to several of these accounts, the deletion will only remove the user from the active Ryte account. If the user is to be removed from the other accounts as well, the deletion must be performed in each Ryte account separately. Below, you will learn how to switch between Ryte accounts to which you have access.

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