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How can I connect my Google Analytics (GA4) with Ryte?
How can I connect my Google Analytics (GA4) with Ryte?

Here you'll find the necessary steps to connect Ryte with your Google Analytics 4

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In this article, we will guide you through the process of connecting your GA4 property with Ryte. Regardless of whether you've already connected a Google Analytics account or not, this guide has you covered.

Just follow these steps in order to connect your GA4 property with Ryte:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu, in the upper menu bar on the right side.

  2. Open your Settings by clicking on the settings icon next to your organization name.

  3. In your Project List you find the GA4 icon, in the “GA4” column, on the far right.

  4. Click the analytics icon to open up the connector pop-up window.

  5. In the pop-up, select your Google Analytics account from the dropdown menu and confirm by clicking the blue “Select account” button. If you have not yet established a connection, click Add new Google account instead and follow the instructions.

  6. If a connection was established, choose in the next pop-up the property you want to link to the project from the dropdown menu below your project name. Then click the Link selected property button to confirm.

  7. Congrats! Now, your setup is complete. In the final pop-up window, click Start a new crawl to have your Google Analytics data imported to your Ryte account.

If you have access to multiple Ryte organizations, find out here and here how to switch between them in order to connect your GA4 property to the correct project.

Please note: Only account owners and managers can create the GA4 connections.

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