1. How long are the vouchers valid for?

They are valid for 90 days (3 months) to encourage the client to seek treatment soon.

2. For eg, if the vouchers are valid for 3 months but the person is only able to get a session in the following month after 3 months (eg, 4th or 5th month), is that still alright to use the voucher?

The client must book the therapy session using the voucher code within 3 months (90 days). However, the therapy date can be after the 90 day mark.


  • The gift voucher was bought on 01 Jan 2020 (this makes it valid till 31 Mar 2020).

  • The client using it can book a session on 01 Apr 2020 as long as the therapy session was booked and confirmed before 31 Mar 2020.

  • If the therapy session is only booked and confirmed on 01 Apr 2020 onwards, the voucher code will be expired.

Gift Voucher / Location

3. Where would the face to face sessions be held?

This depends on the therapist’s location. It will be listed in their profile.

4. How to use the voucher code?

When booking an appointment, you will be required to follow a series of steps. On the last step would be the Payment page. There you can enter the voucher code. Please refer to the image below.:

5. Must my friend use the entire value of the gift card in one go? For example, if I were to buy a $160 gift card, can he/she use it on two $80 sessions or must he/she use $160 in one go

Safe Space: The vouchers are one time use only. Your friend will need to use it at one go OR we recommend to get 2 x $80 vouchers

6. Can he/she top up the difference when using gift card? For example, if I were to buy a $120 gift card and the session cost $150, can he/she top up $30?

Safe Space: Yes, he/she/they can top up the difference.

7. Is my friend's email absolutely required or will the gift card be in the form of a promo code or link where I can pass it to my friend via some other means?

Safe Space: If you're uncomfortable sharing their email address for us to send it directly, we recommend to send it to yourself and forward them the email voucher.

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