1. Log in to https://app.safespace.sg/ (We'd recommend you use Google Chrome browser)

  2. On the Home Page - check for the schedule and the name of the Therapist you have a session with

  3. For first time use, a pop-up window will show to allow Camera and Mic to use. Click on Allow.

    If you accidentally clicked on block, please follow the steps below:

    a. Click on the 3 dots-icon at the top right of the page.

    b. Click on Settings.

    c. Go to Site Settings and Allow Camera and Microphone for app.safespage.sg.

  4. Once done, another pop-up window will show to start the Video Call session. Please refer to the image for reference.

    Note: You may send a message to the therapist while on video session. We'd also recommend not to click on other pages while on the session as it will interrupt the video call.

  5. Once done, you may click on the Leave button.

  6. Your video call counselling session has now ended. You may book your follow up counselling session here.

  7. You may also explore the resource portal to learn more about mental health.

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