Creating customer storefronts

Learn how to manage self service purchasing

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NOTE: Customer storefronts are available as an optional module. See for options or reach out to learn more using the chat icon bottom right of this page.

Video explainer, see the end customer experience:

Watch the video below to see how your customers can use your self service storefront.

The benefits of using the customer storefront module

The Salesbuildr customer storefront module offers numerous benefits to both businesses and their clients, enhancing the overall purchasing experience. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Self-Service: Customers can browse, select, and purchase products or services independently, freeing up your sales team to focus on more strategic tasks.

  2. Automation: Salesbuildr will automatically generate an opportunity, append the approved quote with line items to Autotask, and set the status to "Approved." The approved quote will then be associated with the relevant opportunity, and your customer will receive an order confirmation.

  3. 24/7 Availability: The storefront is accessible round-the-clock, enabling customers to make purchases at their convenience, thereby increasing potential sales opportunities.

  4. Improved Customer Experience: A well-structured and intuitive storefront provides a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  5. Faster Sales Cycle: The direct-to-customer selling approach can significantly speed up the sales cycle, as customers can immediately proceed with a purchase rather than going through lengthy negotiations or sales pitches.

  6. Accurate Pricing and Information: The storefront ensures that customers always see the most up-to-date product information and pricing, minimizing confusion and potential disputes.

  7. Brand Visibility: Having a storefront extends your brand's online presence, offering another platform for customers to engage with your business.

  8. Scalability: A digital storefront is easily scalable and can handle an increase in customer traffic as your business grows.

  9. Reduced Operational Costs: With automated order processing and reduced need for manual input, operational costs can be significantly lowered.

Remember, a successful storefront requires careful planning and management, including maintaining up-to-date product information and carefully monitor the availability of products that you offer through self service, providing excellent customer service, and regularly reviewing and optimising the user experience.

How to configure and enable a customer facing storefront

Create a new category for your customer

We recommend creating a seperate category structure for end customers. This can be used to serve all, one of multiple customers.

You can manage acces using the " Enable company visibility whitelist" switch on the main category settings tab. Here you can add one or more customers. If you disable this switch your storefront will be visible to everyone.

You can also turn on the "Hide products that are not in stock from end customers" to make sure to only show products that are in stock.

You can add images, text and programmable buttons to your storefront section by navigating to the content tab.

Your images and text will be visible to your end customer as shown below. This will provide your end customer with a personalised and premium experience.

Adding items from your catalog to your storefront

You can add any item from your sales portfolio to you storefront by adding it to your newly created customer specific subcategory where you want the item to show up.

  1. Navigation to the item from the product overview

  2. Selecting the pencil icon to edit it

  3. Select the category tab

  4. Add the newly created subcategory

  5. Click save

The item is now place in it's main category as well as the customer specific category. It will inherit the add-ons and pricing setting from the main category, unless you configure add-ons on the customer specific subcaterory. In that case these will be used instead of te add-ons on the main category.

Configure a template for order confirmations

When you customer uses the storefront to place an order, Salesbuildr will use the template that you have configured in the screen below to syncronise the order into your PSA platform and send the order confirmation as a PDF attachment to you and your customer.

In the templates setting tab, replicate the settings as shown below.

If you enable signature on approval, your customer contact will need to draw, type or upload their signature in via then manage my profile button on the dashboard, as shown below. This signature will be used for the order confirmation PDF.

Setting up a order confirmation landing page

In addition to the template that will be used to send the order confirmation, you can create a custom landing page that will displayed after your customer places the order.

Landing pages can include and display text, images, video's, customisable buttons and product categories from you catalog. Use them to manage your customers expectations after closing the sale. Read this article to learn how to configure thank you landing pages for order confirmations.

At the bottom of the template settings page, you can select the order confirmation landing page under thank you page.

Example template for order confirmations

We have created an example template that is available under the template marketplace tab.

Alternatively, you can copy the text below and paste it in your template as a starting point:


{{contact.firstName}} {{contact.lastName}}


{{}} {{}}

Quote number: {{quote.number}}

Payment terms: {{quote.paymentTerms}}

Approved date: {{date quote.approvedAt}}

Note: Please keep this email for your records as it contains important information about your order.

Dear {{contact.firstName}}

Thank you for your order! We're thrilled you've chosen to elevate your business with us. Your trust in us is not just a transaction; it's a partnership we value deeply. We will order, install, configure and dispatch the items in your order to the address you have provided.

Please let us know any questions you may have using the chat tab on your approved order. The items will be shipped to:


{{}} {{}}


Do you have any questions following this message? Please contact us.

Best regards,

{{owner.firstName}} {{owner.middleName}}{{owner.lastName}}




Test your storefront

If you would like to test the self service storefront you can create a test customer and contact. Give them access as described above and use the contact so sign in to your storefront so make sure everything is working as expected.

Enable login for customers

When you are ready, use the switch under manage login to allow customer company to sign-in to your instance.

Next, use the pencil icon to edit your customer and navigate to the Admin tab. Here make sure to turn on "Allow self service orders"

You can turn on the optional customer approval workflow. Any orders that are higher than the amount specified will be sent to the contacts that you speficy here for approval. Set the value to 0 if you want all orders to be sent for approval. Read more in the customer specific approval workflow article.

If needed, you can also provide granular access by enabling or disabling login for specefic customer contacts.

You can sent out invites for your storefront using the email icon

This message that will be send to your customer contact will be based on the email template that is configured under Admin, Email Templates, Sign-up notifications, Message 2.

You can customise this template to make it fit your brand, messaging and tone of voice guidelines.

After completing the steps in this article, you are ready to let the selected end customers place order in their own personalised storefront.

Onboarding new customers (release planned for end of February)

After we have enabled self onboarding for your Salesbuildr instance, end customers that are not yet know in your system and want to place and order can onboard themselves by loggin in.

From here they will need to select an authentication method.

After login they will be presented with a screen to provide more information.

You will receive a system notification.

Click the link to go to the company page for review. Click approve to create the customer and contact in your system.

After approval, your customer will receive a welcome message. The message below is an example. You can customise the message by navigating to Admin, Configuration, Email templates and selecting message 3 under Sign-up notifications.

Your customer contact can now login and place orders.

If you want to view the companies pending approval, you can view them under the companies tab using the "pending" filter onder the Approved section.

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