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As a managed service provider or technology solutions company, having a well-organized and up-to-date catalog of products and services is essential for efficient operations and providing an excellent customer experience. Salesbuildr offers a powerful set of tools to help you centrally manage your offerings with ease.

One of the core features is the ability to seamlessly import your existing products and services from Autotask into Salesbuildr. This ensures your catalog in Salesbuildr always matches what's in your PSA system, preventing discrepancies. Any changes made to imported items in Salesbuildr will even sync back to update your Autotask price lists automatically.

For each product or service, Salesbuildr provides a dedicated page where you can enrich the listing with detailed descriptions, product images/videos, specifications, and related documentation. This creates an informative, self-serve experience for customers to learn about your offerings.

Beyond just listing products, Salesbuildr allows you to comprehensively manage every aspect in one place - from pricing to availability to bundling add-ons. You can configure dynamic pricing rules to ensure sales prices stay aligned with distributor costs. Setting up required or optional add-on items by category helps you optimize product bundles and revenue.

The visibility and categorization of products is also customizable. You can organize items into tailored categories fitting your business structure. Want to create customer-specific catalogs? No problem - just set visibility for who can access particular product categories.

With these capabilities and more, Salesbuildr empowers you to build a sales-ready, polished products and services catalog to improve operations and better showcase your offerings to customers. The centralized management approach eliminates silos and redundant work across your sales and operations teams.

Read How Salesbuildr updates products in Autotask to learn how to enable Salesbuildr to automatically update your Autotask catalog.

Importing Autotask Services into Salesbuildr

Salesbuildr seamlessly integrates with PSA, allowing you to effortlessly synchronize your service offerings between the two platforms. To get started, navigate to the Admin > Autotask > Product Import section within Salesbuildr. Scroll down to the "Map recurring services to Salesbuildr categories" area.

In this section, you'll find two columns: one displaying your existing Autotask service codes on the left, and the other showing your corresponding Salesbuildr categories on the right. To establish the connection, simply map each Autotask service code to its respective category in Salesbuildr.

Once you've completed the mapping process, Salesbuildr will automatically import any newly created or updated services from Autotask into the linked categories every 10 minutes. This automated synchronization ensures that your service offerings are accurately reflected in Salesbuildr, ensuring a consistent and up-to-date representation across both platforms.

Salesbuildr will not update your services and will respect your PSA as the master data.

By leveraging this integration, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure that your quotes and customer-facing materials always display the most current service information. This not only streamlines your internal processes but also enhances the customer experience by providing accurate and reliable information about the services you offer.

To automatically update your services you can use integrations from Ingram Micro, Pax8, CSP Portal, CloudOlive or Applicationlink.

Importing new products into Salesbuildr

Read Quick Guide: How to add a new product to learn how to add products to Salesbuildr using the manufacturer part number.

Product and service pages

Within Salesbuildr, each product or service has its own page that is used to enable your customers to self educate around the product or service and add them to a quote when self service purchasing is enabled.

Product pages can contain and overview, video, media, screenshots, standard add-ons, suggested add-ons, specifications and related articles.

Editing a product

To make changes to an existing product or service, click the "Edit" button on the product page.

The general info tab

You can change the following settings on the General info tab

Listed status

Setting this switch to disable will unlist the product from your catalog and set it to inactive in Autotask. Services will never be set to inactive as these might be used on active contracts.

Manufacturer Part Number

You can add or change the manufacturer part number and use the fetch info button to pull in product information.


The name of the product or service. Changing this will also change the name in Autotask.


The description of the product or service. Changing this will also change the description in Autotask.

Logo / image

The primary image of the product or service.

Long Description

The long The description of the product or service. This will be automatically pulled in based on the manufacturer part number if the vendors has provided data. This section can be enriched with text, images and tables.

The pricing tab

By selecting the pricing tab, you can provide pricing information. Read Setting up dynamic product pricing to learn how to configure Salesbuildr to automatically keep your pricing up to date.

Manually update cost and availability

Although Salesbuildr will pull pricing and availability on a daily basis (for products that have a valid manufacturer part number), you can always request an update by clicking on the check latest prices link which is the refresh icon at the bottom right of this page.

Product price changes

You can view all price changes made to this item by expanding the Price history log section.

If you have Salesbuildr premium, you can view all changes made to this item by expanding the logs section on the admin tab.

Managing add-ons

You can add product specific add-ons if you want, but we recomment doing this on the categry level to make it more manageble. Read How to configure product add-ons to learn how to configure add-ons on the products category level as a best practice.

Any category add-ons you configured will be visible on this page.

Mandatory options are always included when adding a product to a quote, optional add-ons can be selected when adding a product to a quote or from the add-ons selector that is visible under the line item on the quote.

Changing the product category

By selecting the Category tab, you can add the product to a specific category. You can let your product appear in multiple categories but the primary category will determine mark-up and add-ons for that product.

Make sure that categories you create in Salesbuildr are also created in Autotask and that have you linked the categories under Admin - Autotask - Product Import Configuration. If a product is added to a category that is not linked to an Autotask category, the product will be created in the default product Autotask product category.

Uploading images, videos and documents

By clicking on the media tab you can upload videos, sales collateral and screenshots to provide your customers with additional information and insights about your products and services.

IMPORTANT: If you use per contact or per asset billing, create the products in Autotask and import them into the category you have setup in Salesbuildr to be able to use these services in quotes and product bundles.

Once imported, any changes you make to products and services in Salesbuildr will be pushed to your Autotask price list. Refer to the Configuring Salesbuildr article to learn how Salesbuildr works with the products and services in Autotask.

View the qoutes that this product has been added to

Navigate to the quotes tab on any product page, so view the quotes where this product has been added to.

Changing the product visibility

You can use the " Enable company visibility whitelist" toggle to restrict the visibilty to the companies listed here. This can be used to block access to a specific product when using the customer storefront module.

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