Two-way Zapier integration

This is where you can automatically send data into SalesFlow from Third party apps

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With a Two-Way Zapier integration, you can create a multi-touch sales sequence on autopilot using our two-way Zapier native app. 

This is helpful if you are planning to:

  • If you are looking to connect your CRM data, and automatically send connection requests from inbound leads

  • Looking to add a LinkedIn step from your email automation sequence. For example, if someone has finished the campaign on cold email sequence and want nurture on LinkedIn, on autopilot. 

In order to setup the flows, you will need:

  1. API token and account ID, request support to get access (email at or via live chat)

  2. You will need LinkedIn URLs from your third-party apps in order for this to work

  3. Zapier app private invite link is here. (Make sure you are logged into your Zapier app before clicking the private invite link)

How to set up the flow

  1. Once you have the above, you will need to ensure you CRM/email automation provider has zapier too.

  2. Log into Zapier and click Create Zap

  3. Choose the App and trigger

4. Optional, add step if someone has replied using "add step" or "filter" - this ensures that you send data if someone has replied already, only targeted those non-replied. 

5. In the actions configuration, search Salesflow and select it.

6. In the Event field, select add member and click Continue

7. If you are not logged into your Salesflow account, it will ask you to. Click the Sign In button and a window will pop asking you to enter the ID and Token.

8. Once you enter the ID and Token it should look like this. Click on Continue

9. Select the data from third-party app and ensure you have the "LinkedIn URL" identifier 

Once you launch the zap, the data will start to sync and import automatically into the campaign ID you have chosen. 

It will appear as a "blank" and as status "Not Verified"

It will then turn into "Not Connected" once you "start the campaign" and have at least 1 member there first.

Any forthcoming members, you should be set and it will automatically turn imported into not connected and invites. 

If you have any questions, email us at or via live chat

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