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How to Send Data to your CRM Using Zapier
How to Send Data to your CRM Using Zapier
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With Zapier webhooks, you have the ability to send data to your CRM from Salesflow.

How to create a Zapier webhook that sends data to your CRM

  1. Go to the integrations tab and click on webhooks

  2. Add new Webhooks

  3. Name your integration and get the target URL.

  4. To get the target URL, log into your Zapier account

  5. Click Create Zap

  6. In the trigger search bar, type in Webhooks by Zapier

  7. Click Webhooks by Zapier

  8. Click on Catch Hook and click continue

  9. Press continue again on the next trigger section

  10. Once you click continue, the webhook will show. If you notice, the webhook is waiting for an action. This action must come from Salesflow.

  11. Copy the webhook and paste it in Salesflow, in the target URL section and click TEST!

  12. Once you click the test button, an OK message should show in Salesflow.

  13. You can also test your Zapier trigger to check if everything is going as intended. If everything is working fine, click SAVE in salesflow

  14. Once you click save, click on Attach Campaign. At this point the webhook is working as intended, is listening for any incoming requests.

  15. Once you click on Attach Campaign, you will be able to see all your campaigns and conditions to execute the webhook on.

    Execute On options are:
    A) Member connected - when someone has accepted your connection request

    B) Reply detected - when someone replied to any of your follow up messages

    C) Invitation withdrawn - when the invitation has been withdrawn manually or automatically
    D) Member added - when a new member is added into the campaign
    E) Member removed - whenever a member is removed from the campaign

    This means that, if you select Communications Campaign, and execute on Member Connected. Whenever a member is connected, the webhook will trigger.

  16. Click Attach to add the campaign and conditions to the webhook.
    NOTE: you can add as many campaigns to the webhook, just repeat step 14 (clicking attach. campaign)

  17. Go back to Zapier and click Continue with selected record

  18. Search for your CRM system in the Actions section and click it.

  19. Select what you want it to do in your CRM system, for example: Add or update Contact

  20. Each CRM system has it's own actions and ways to connect it. At this point, it is entirely up to you to configure the CRM actions that suits your needs, since this part is about what you want to be pulled from Salesflow into your CRM.

  21. Once you filled in the fields press continue

  22. Test the action to make sure everything is OK and press publish

  23. Rename your zap and make sure to turn it on

Keep in mind that in order to use Zapier webhooks, you need upgrade your plan or already have a plan. You can check their plans here.

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